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Selected Media Appearances

I value the opportunity to share stories on various platforms. Imagery below is retrieved from the media source.

February 2023

A Meeting of Sacred Waters

Red Star International  Tribal Leader Indigenous Water New Zealand Guardianship Exchange -

In February 2020, I traveled to New Zealand with Arizona tribal leaders to learn from Māori leaders about water rights, laws, and policies for protecting waters sources in New Zealand. I also learned about strategies to protect the Colorado River and its resources. At the Heard Museum, in February 2023 the group reconvened with other Community members for a symposium called, A Meeting of Sacred Waters. Participants engaged in an international discussion about protecting water sources.

A Meeting of Sacred Waters.png

January 2022

Is social media a threat to sacred places?

Panelist on Native America Calling: Your National electronic Talking Circle

The Verge.png

December 2021

Tribal communities are facing a new threat: Instagram

The Verge | By Joseph Lee

November 2021

Episode 38 / Dr. Amanda Cheromiah. Grounded Podcast

Grounded Podcast

August 2020

Living in the dark: Native reservations struggle with power shortages in pandemic.

The Guardian

Orange County Department of Education

November 2021

VIDEO: Native American Heritage Month forum shares personal stories, insight and historic perspectives

Orange County Department of Education

Neto's Tucson

April 2019

Neto's Tucson: Two indigenous UA students help others to soar.

Arizona Daily Star

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